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  • Darren J.

Southwest, Denver, CO

5.0 star rating

5/11/2012 1 check-in here

These guys hooked hard to find size offroad tires w 70% tread for $200 balanced and installed. Very easy and straightforward and quick. Recommend

  • Review from Jordan S.

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    • Jordan S.

    Emeryville, CA

    4.0 star rating

    12/4/2009 1 photo First to Review

    Nonchalant and to the point, the guys at Palma’s fixed me up with 4 gently used tires for $120 even.  They have a good supply of used tires and for those of us on a budget they’re just as good as new ones. There is a 45 day warranty on them, which makes me more at ease. Call ahead with your tire size to find out your options.

    • Oh, and they have rims

  • Review from Josh C.

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    • Josh C.

    Denver, CO

    5.0 star rating


    Quick and inexpensive.  I got a set of 4 slightly used tires for $140: way under my budget and much, much better than the banana peals I was driving on.  The guys there were quick and easy to work with.  It’s a small shop and cold in the winter but they’ll be getting all my tire replacements from now on!  Thanks, guys!